On Significant Silences

Whilst in Sicily with nothing to do the entire day, I  had the opportunity to read different newspapers. My favorite newspaper at the time was ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport , which made me unnoticed for the most. Reading the New York Times or the Washington Post  would have probably raised more suspects from the locals and the local police authorities.

As the title suggests, ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ deals with sport, not with politics, mafia, etc. From time to time, however, I bought also other local newspapers, especially when the elderly sitting in the main squares of the city pointed to me that some interesting news was out.

I discovered, in this way, about the arrest made by ‘Colonel Ultimo’ (the man who arrested the chief boss Toto Riina in the 1990s and later persecuted by Italian authorities) of an ex general of the Romanian secret services . I asked myself how was it possible that an ex general from the Romanian secret services was arrested for ‘Traffico di Rifiuti’ (trade of garbage) in Sicily. I later discovered that, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the ex general had established its own private firm of garbage trade and recycling and for this reason it had established ties in Sicily. 

Talking in ‘significant silences’, as ex PM Giovanni Falcone would have said, people of the city also told me that it was not rare to see Romanians work as seasonal workers in the trade of oranges.  

Business is business, one might argue.

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