Consulting Company in San Diego

I decided to start this fundraising campaign to establish my consulting company in San Diego, California.

Until June 2011, I was research associate at the Centre d’etudes europeennes of Sciences Po. I have also been a lecturer and visiting lecturer in several European and non European universities, as well as an international consultant for various international organizations, among which the Unicef (various offices) and the Unesco.

Further information about my professional development and activities  can be found in my homepage , in my blog and in my twitter account .

The consulting company I plan to establish aims to provide advise on the following areas where I have in-depth experience:

– business intelligence;
– socio-economic development;
– political developments and conflict resolution in transition and development countries;
– strategies of privatization;
– media, advertising and telecommunications;
– gas and oil.

Help me to establish this consulting company. Donate or share this link (

For more details information on possible partnerships please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Alfio Cerami

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