Alfio Cerami
Alfio Cerami









My areas of expertise involve:

  • International political economy
  • International economics
  • International trade
  • Industry
  • Global Development
  • Geo-Strategic Spatial Analysis


Consulting Activites

International Trade:

– International Trade

– Institutional Reforms

– Debt Restructuring and Privatization

– Strategic Analysis


– Business Intelligence

– Market Analysis

– Media & Telecommunications

– Oil & Gas (including associated products)

– Consumer Packaged Goods (including food and beverages)

– Fashion & Luxury Goods

Global Development

– Public Sector

– Social Sector

– Global Development

– Infrastructural Reconstruction

– Social Security Reforms

Geo-Strategic Spatial Analysis for International Trade

Geo-Strategic Statistical Analysis (SPSS, Stata, SAS, R, etc.)

Geo-spatial analysis (QGIS, ArcGIS, etc.).

STORY MAPS Geo-Spatial Analysis

See also GEO-SPATIAL ANALYSIS GENERAL SECTION AND UPDATES in my blog (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, etc.) available at:

Employing unique geo-strategic and geo-spatial analysis methods, using, for example, Global Maritime data for International Trade.

See also Multi-Media Project: Music, Art, Big Data and Multi-Media

Locating Invisibilities and Silences

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