Prosperity Shining: Sirte (Libya) 1992-2016

by Alfio Cerami                    REV: 22/02/2018

Human and Economic Activity

  • DMSP Operational Linescan System (OLS) Nighttime Lights Time Series Analysis
  • Satellite Imagery Analysis
  • Graphical Mathematical Calculations and Visualization
  • New Micro- and Macro-Econometrics

See also Prosperity Shining in

 Benghazi,  200 KM South of Benghazi,  Misurata,
 Sirte,  Tripoli,  Libya
 Libya by clusters  Clusters of Prosperity in Lybia (Egypt, Algeria, and Israel) (1992-2016).  


Human and economic activities grew almost constantly in Sirte until 1999.

It expanded in 2000 and it shrinked again with a slow growth from 2001 to 2010.

Since 2011, following the Arab Spring and civil war, human and economic activities in Sirte are recovering at a slow rate.


Fig. 1 Prosperity Shining Trends Sirte (Libya), 1992-2016.





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