Oil Revolution and the Modernization of Multiple Modernities

This article examines the important role of oil prices and oil price cycles in the modernization and democratization of contemporary societies. The main argument put forward in this article is that oil, oil prices and oil price cycles greatly influence the prospects for economic growth of a country, and the ways in which different waves (and reverse waves) of modernization and democratization take place. A particular attention here is given to the ‘oil revolution’ that has occurred in the post-war period, and its impact on the processes of modernization and democratization of contemporary societies.


Counterterrorist Financing Strategies: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa

Taking Sub-Saharan Africa as a case study, this article discusses the main antiterrorist financing challenges that this part of the world currently faces, with associated chances for democratic stabilization. The same counterterrorist financing framework can be applied to other regions of the world as well.

On the European Union, Spies and National Prerogatives

I left the Centre d’etudes europeennes of Sciences Po in June 2011. The Centre d’etudes europeennes is a centre of research that deals with EU institutions and their functioning. It is quite a multicultural environment with indefinite political and strategic orientations, like the European Union (EU). I arrived there by chance, as a postdoc fellow. …