List of Sicilian ‘Noblesse’ (Noble Families) A-Z

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The ‘Anti-Mafia’ Organization: A Historical-Institutionalist Approach

There are several institutional inconsistencies of the so-called ‘anti-mafia’ organization in Sicily and Italy. The Direzione Nazionale Antimafia (National Antimafia Directorate) (DNA) was established in 1991. It is considered as the national ‘coordination institution’ among the different police forces (polizia di stato, carabinieri  and guardia di finanza ). Until 2015, the main tasks of the …


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21 August 2019 (UPDATED PAPERS) Spanish Version: Cerami, Alfio (2019), LOS RESPETABLES. Emprendedores y Emprendedoras de Dishonor: ¡Una oferta que no puedes rechazar! Delito de Cuello Blanco: una Guía para las Autoridades de la Policía, las Autoridades Judiciales, los Responsables de Políticas y Decisorios y (Un Posible Guión de Película), presentation available on-line at:


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My past research interests concentrated on five main areas: Economic, Political and Social Transformations in Sub-Saharan Africa; Economic, Political and Social Transformations in the Middle and North Africa (MENA); Democratization and Consolidation of Democratic Institutions; European Union Politics and Sociology of European Integration; and Human and Socio-Economic Security.   1. Economic, Political and Social Transformations in Sub-Saharan …


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